d20 Modern

The only d20 Modern reference document for the iPhone! An excellent tool for DM and players alike!


The d20 Modern app gives you the following documents:

  • d20 Modern SRD
  • d20 Future SRD
  • d20 Arcana SRD
  • d20 Menaces

All these documents are the full, real deal, stored offline on your device. Concepts are thoroughly interlinked, and indexes make finding what you want both fast and easy. The app also sports a smooth bookmarking feature which lets you maintain your own index for instant access. The text search lets you find anything, as long as you can spell it.

Are you tired of carrying around huge books? Why should you, when you can keep all the stuff you need for a good d20 Modern session right on your mobile device?

While your friends are struggling with heavy books and well hidden rules, just fire up this app and settle all questions long before your fellow players have found where to begin reading their dead tree tomes.

Your awesomeness at looking up rules will become the stuff of legends!

Usage tips:

  • While reading, rotate your device to landscape orientation for more space.
  • Bookmark by pressing the + button.
  • A bookmark points to the item you last selected.
  • Search is case-insensitive
Thanks to Glyphish for exquisite icons!
Thanks to Clay Downling over at openclipart.org for a nice picture of a d20!